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Anti-Street Harassment Week 2012 Recap

Thank you to Nuala CabralFAANMail, and the group of dedicated activists for all their effort in pulling together Philly’s Anti-Street Harassment Week this year! Philadelphia had a lot of great events to highlight street harassment in our community: a self-defense class, a film screening, Permanent Wave Benefit for HollabackPHILLY, and the “Meet Us On The Streets” day of Activism on March 24.

March 24 we had two groups divided between 52nd and Market in West Philly, and Broad and Eerie in North Philly, where groups held up posters, chalked the sidewalk, and engaged in discussions with members of the community.


HollabackPHILLY site leader, Rochelle, was in the West Philly group where we had a lot of meaningful discussions with women and men. A highlight was when a man driving a car campaigning for Obama pulled over and lent us his sound system! He free styled on our behalf for a while before handing off the microphone to Nuala to lead us all in a little “Two step for Street Harassment”. The activists were dancing on the sidewalk with our signs, smiles on our faces, and were able to engage the people entering and exiting 52nd street station, as well as those waiting at the bus stop.



After a few hours at 52nd and Market, and Broad and Eerie – both teams met up at Broad and Lehigh for the final rally where we covered two street corners and a median holding up signs, passing out information, and engaging the community members walking by, exiting the subway entrances and waiting at the bus stops. We had an inspiring amount of support from male allies, who held signs, engaged their fellow men in discussions, and generally showed us their support.



Click here to view the full photo album. With such a successful Anti-Street Harassment Week 2012, we can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings. Thank you so much for your support so far!


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Official Launch: Hollaback!’s “I’ve Got Your Back”

Bystanders: It’s time to step up and end street harassment with Hollaback!

The “I’ve Got Your Back” campaign teaches bystanders to safely intervene and celebrates when they do

Last week, Hollaback! launched its new international ‘I’ve Got Your Back’ campaign.  The campaign provides real-time relief to those who are harassed by carrying a simple message: if you see someone being harassed, ask them if they are “OK” and if there is anything you can do to help.

“People always assume that intervening in street harassment situations means strapping on some superhero spandex, swooping down, and beating everyone up.  But that’s actually the worst thing you can do.  The ‘I’ve Got Your Back’ campaign will show people how to intervene, and celebrate when they do,” said executive director and co-founder, Emily May.

The bystander campaign was developed in collaboration with Green Dot a national bystander campaign supported by evidence based research.  Together, the two organizations have re-vamped Hollaback!’s website (check out the new “I’ve got your back” tab above) with bystander resources and are working to train Hollaback!’s 150 sites leaders in 44 cities and 16 countries how to do bystander workshops in their communities. Successful bystander stories collected through and Hollaback!’s newly re-released iPhone and Droid apps will be documented and mapped.

“In most of the stories submitted to our site, bystanders either failed or acted in a way that further traumatize the victim.  And the same time, people are always asking us, ‘What can I do to help?’ The ‘I’ve Got Your Back’ campaign closes the gap by showing everyone they have a role to play in ending street harassment,” said co-founder and board chair, Samuel Carter.

According to Jennifer Sayre, Director of Training and Development for Green Dot, “It can be really hard to have someone’s back, even when we really want to.  The good news is no matter what makes it hard, there is almost always something you can do that feels manageable to you. The ‘I’ve got your back’ campaign will help bystanders recognize street harassment, notice what keeps them from acting, and help them pick a solution that works for them.”

In addition to sharing their bystander stories, users will also have the option to anonymously click the new ‘I’ve Got Your Back’ button, located under each story. At the end of the day the person who submitted the story will get an email from Hollaback! telling them the number of people who ‘have their back.’

The campaign was funded in part by 268 donors through an on-line fundraising platform last June, and the technology upgrades were done by Hollaback!’s pro-bono team of developers which include Jill Dimond, Kevin Finity, and Josephine Hall. Jennifer Sayre from Green Dot says, “We are thrilled to be collaborating with the amazing folks at Hollaback and to do our part to make the streets safer for everyone.”

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Xenia’s Story: Pushed into the corner

Originally submitted to, from Norristown, PA. Published on December 15,2011 at 10:35 pm.

Holla-ing is a display of power and the culture of harassing women has long permeated into our day and age. So much so that the YMCA by my house has a designated “Women’s Workout Area” tucked away at one end of the greater equipment room, around the corner and out of view from the rest of the gym.

This may seem like a positive thing (a safe, harassment free space for women who want to work out) the problem with the existence of this space is that the male dominant gym culture has literally pushed women out of “their” space with the common, lecherous acts and comments. I’ve been victim to these before and I will continue to because of the lesser equipment that fill the “Women’s Circuit” area of the gym. Can’t we make all the YMCA a safe space?

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Philly Lineup for Anti-Street Harassment Week 2012!

March 18 – March 24, 2012 is International Anti Street Harassment Week. Find events in your area:

We’re partnered up with a group of awesome local activists and organizations with an exciting line up of events to celebrate Anti-Street Harassment Week and raise awareness about street harassment. We hope to see you at some or all of the events! Local Philadelphia events for Anti-Street Harassment Week:

BIKE CRASH (formerly Middle Aged Men) –

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Chelsea’s Story: “All I could think about was how I wish I were invisible”

I had crashed at my friend’s house the night before, and woke up early on a Sunday morning to walk back to my house, just a few blocks away. As I turn north on Broad at the Snyder intersection, I see a car pull up at the light, the guy driving the car yells incredibly load at me, “Yo bitch, you got a wagon.” I felt my face get red as I realized that the dozen people hanging out at the corner, as well as probably those across the streets, had heard what this guy said to me and were silently watching me walk past them.

In that moment, all I could think about was how I wish I were invisible, instead of feeling like my body was on display, for everyone to judge my clothes and my aforementioned “wagon.”

Street harassment erases a women’s identity and instead transforms her into a sexualized body, up for anyone’s consumption. It is humiliating and dehumanizing and must be stopped.

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