HollabackPHILLY Joins Various UN Affiliated Organizations for February 19 Day of Action


On February 19 we will reach out to local legislators in an attempt to collaborate on ways to make Philadelphia a safer place, one that is less permissive of gender-based violence.

Check out the other global organizations and their commitments to partnering with legislators and policy makers to better their communities! View the map here.

Delhi and Beyond: Concrete Action for Safer Cities

On Tuesday, February 19, we (the Huairou Commission, Women in Cities International, Women and Habitat Network Latin America, Jagori, GROOTS International, ICWIF and FEMUM-ALC) are calling upon feminist organizations and grassroots women’s groups to participate in a global day of action, Delhi and Beyond: Concrete Actions for Safer Cities. On this day, women and local authorities will jointly sign agreements identifying a concrete action they will advance to make their city safer for women and girls.


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