We are a few days late in posting, but almost overnight we went from a little over halfway to our goal, to having met our goal and well on the way to meeting our fundraising goal for taking the comic to Comic Con 2014!! Now, with the campaign ending Monday, March 25, we’re a little over $200 away from the Comic Con 2014 goal.

All three of us are speechless with happiness and gratitude. A huge thank-you to you, our friends, family, and fellow fighters in the movement to end street harassment. Scroll to the bottom for the exclusive sneak peak of a page from Blue’s section as a token of our appreciation!!

We feel like this:


We’re not giving up now… it’s on to our “stretch” goals! If we raise $6,516, we can take our project on the road to Comic Con 2014 in San Diego, and represent women creators of women- and LGBT-focused comics in a setting where that sort of discussion is rare. We are almost to that goal! If we meet and surpass $6,516, and make it to $7,500, we will be able to afford developing and providing a platform to share our comic book and the corresponding workshop curriculum with educators outside the Hollaback! network, and expand the reach of this effort. We aim big over here at HollabackPHILLY! Here we go!

-Rochelle, Anna & Erin

P.S. We are actively working to spread the word, and were honored to be interviewed by Glamour Magazine last week!


Drum roll please —- the long awaited page from Blue’s section of the book!

Blue's sneak peak


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