Philly Wizard Con and what’s next for HollabackPHILLY!

We had such a heartening experience at Wizard Con this weekend in Philadelphia. Dozens of men, and many more women, came by our table to talk to us about street harassment. They showed their support, took home copies of the comic book home to show others, and grabbed harasser cards to embolden them to step in as bystanders more often.

Alongside our Hollaback: Red, Yellow, Blue materials, we also had a “Cosplay =/= Consent” sign that also brought people specifically to our table, where we had conversations about harassment and groping of cosplayers.


STORM (X-Men)                                                                           SHE-RA

As we drew parallels between street harassment and cosplayer harassment, we handed out even more harasser cards as we explained to people the less aggressive ways to let a harasser know you felt harassed. The harasser cards, modeled off of cards made by someone for the 2011 DefCon, and they were a huge hit. We can’t wait to hear stories about more women telling off their harassers in this silent, less aggressive way!

Comic conventions are about celebrating the things that make us geeks, in a place where we can feel free to embrace our favorite stories and characters freely without judgment. I am so glad that sense of community was extended so warmly to our booth. We left feeling supported and more committed to our goal of achieving a world free from harassment, whether it be based on our genders, the fact that we’re in costume, or that we like things like wearing pointy ears in public as we make the Vulcan Salute to one another.

As we continue our East Coast convention tour, we’d love to see you! Let us know what conventions you’ll be at, and if you want to join the effort to combat both street harassment and cosplayer harassment. Email us at, or comment on this post!


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