3 Minute Survey – Helps Us Partner with Local Officials for a Gender-Based Safety Audit of Philadelphia!

We are gearing up to meet with local officials about planning a city wide safety audit to improve the condition and safety on our streets for women, LGB, and trans* Philadelphians! Gender-based safety audits are a United Nations best practice for assessing and responding to safety concerns in public spaces.

Please take three minutes to fill out this survey and help us make this audit happen!





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  1. Rose says:

    There is no woman I know who has not experienced harassment. I was unable to see some of the options to the last question in the survey (how did it make you feel?) It makes me feel frustrated, angry, uncomfortable and unsafe.

  2. philly says:

    Thank you, Rose, for letting us know! We updated the margins/parameters, so hopefully that won’t be a problem going forward!

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