Human Trafficking in the USA: Tina Frundt, Sex Trafficking in the USA, a Survivor’s Perspective

Join us February 27, 2014 from 12:30 to 5:30 pm for a TEDx style event discussing the complexities and nuances of human trafficking in the United States. Learn about the extent and scope of the human trafficking happening right here in our own backyards, the warning signs, what you can do to help. Coffee and light refreshments available during event, and cocktail hour with speakers follows event for all attendees. TICKETS REQUIRED.


Introducing Speaker: Tina Frundt

Tina Frundt, a survivor of human trafficking, and Frederick Douglass Award winner, is the founder of Courtney’s House, which searches for children forced into sex trafficking, brings them in to a safe environment free from the trafficking, and aims to educate and train communities and officials about the realities  of sex trafficking that happens in our own backyards.

At Courtney’s House they provide a safe space for survivors, as well as services to help them recover and heal, and utilizing methods that have been proven successful in the trauma recovery of U.S. children and teens who were victims of domestic sex trafficking as minors. The Survivor’s Corner features art and poetry from survivors who are going through this recovery process at Courtney’s House, and is a powerful testament to Frundt’s incredible and compassionate work.

We are excited to introduce Frundt as one of our speakers at the February 27 anti-trafficking event. She will be speaking about her experiences with trafficking, both at the survivor and service provider levels. To learn more visit her blog, Tina’s Voice.


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