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HOLLA:Revolution: Learn about the History and Future of Street Harassment! Thurs 7/25 2pm LIVESTREAM

Welcome to HOLLA::Revolution! HOLLA::Revolution is the first ever international speakers series on ending street harassment.  On July 25th, 2013, in New York City, Hollaback! will bring together leading thinkers and activists to give talks and performances on feminism, tech, and street harassment.  It’s going to be an historic event, and we want to bring it to you LIVE!

Featured speakers include Jamia Wilson, Samhita MukhopadhyayJennifer PoznerJimmie BriggsSasheer Zamata, our HollabackPHILLY site leader Rochelle Keyhan, other Hollaback Site Leaders, and more!!!! Check out a full list of speakers here.

Not in New York?  No problem.  The live-stream of HOLLA::Revolution will run right here in real-time from 2pm-6pm EDT on July 25th. So save this blog post and tune in Thursday afternoon!

Live streaming video by Ustream

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Host a HOLLA::Revolution Screening party! (July 25, 2013, 2-5 pm)

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 5.49.46 PM
Are you down for the revolution? HOLLA::Revolution will be a public and live-streamed event taking place at New York University on Thursday, July 25th, from 2-5pm (followed by a cocktail hour), where Hollaback! will provide the platform for leading feminist thinkers, activists and performers, including our very own Hollaback! site leaders from around the world, to give inspiring and empowering multimedia talks, performances and readings on subjects including ending street harassment, the future of feminism, online organizing, movement building and more. Don’t miss it! Get yourHOLLA::REVOLUTION ticket today!!!
Our site leader is going to be in New York giving one of the talks (hers will be on the history of street harassment).  But even though we’re in New York, you can participate in HOLLA::Revolution from Philly!  Hollaback! is live streaming the event on their main page in real-time from 2pm-5pm EDT on July 25th.:
What a great excuse to throw a HOLLA::Revolution party!  You can live-stream the event, have a great cocktail hour, and get the conversation going in your circles! Below is the livestream link, and the details for the event! If you need help or suggestions, let us know via comments to this post, facebook, twitter, or email at

Hosted by: Jamia Wilson, Feminist Media Activist, Organizer, Storyteller

Speakers include:

Genevieve Berrick, Hollaback! Los Angeles Site Leader
Jimmie Briggs, Co-founder and Executive Director of Man Up Campaign 
Nicola Briggs, Anti-Street Harassment Activist 
Jill Dimond, Hollaback! Lead Tech Developer /Sassafrass Tech Collective
Rochelle Keyhan, Hollaback! Philadelphia  Site Leader
Julie S. Lalonde,  Hollaback! Ottawa Site Leader
Nefertiti Martin,  Community Organizer for Girls for Gender Equity (GGE) 
Samhita Mukhopadhyay, Executive Editor at  
Jennifer Pozner, Executive Director of Women In Media & News (WIMN)
Beth Livingston,  Assistant Professor of Human Resources Studies at Cornell University
Tanisha Love Ramirez, Blogger
Rockafella, Poet /Co-founder of Hip-Hop dance theater company, Full Circle
Pamela Shifman, Director of Initiatives for Girls and Women at the NoVo Foundation 
Anna Whaley, Hollaback! Brussels Site Leader
Sasheer Zamata, Comedian 
Kana Zink , Music Therapist/Hollaback! Fredericksburg Site Leader

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HOLLA::Revolution event: 2-6pm, July 25 at NYU

This July, Hollaback! is hosting a TedX event, HOLLA::Revolution, bringing various international activists together to speak out. Our very own site leader, Rochelle, will be giving a talk on the history of street harassment. The event will be held on Thursday, July 25th, at NYU. Ticket information is available below!

The weekend will then follow with a retreat that will bring together site leaders from various cities all over the world to collaborate with one another and support each other’s local activism on the global Hollaback! stage.

The HOLLA::Revolution will be a public and live-streamed event at New York University, taking place on Thursday, July 25th, from 2-6pm (cocktails to follow the event), where Hollaback! will provide the platform for leading feminist thinkers, activists, and performers, including our very own Hollaback! site leaders from around the world, to give inspiring and empowering multimedia talks, performances and readings on subjects including ending street harassment, the future of feminism, online organizing, and movement building.

Featured speakers include Jamia WilsonSamhita MukhopadhyayJennifer PoznerJimmie BriggsSasheer ZamataHollaback Site Leaders, and more!!!!

General Tickets: $25
Student Tickets: $10
To purchase, click here.
If you are an intern, a volunteer, or press, register here.

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Philly Wizard Con and what’s next for HollabackPHILLY!

We had such a heartening experience at Wizard Con this weekend in Philadelphia. Dozens of men, and many more women, came by our table to talk to us about street harassment. They showed their support, took home copies of the comic book home to show others, and grabbed harasser cards to embolden them to step in as bystanders more often.

Alongside our Hollaback: Red, Yellow, Blue materials, we also had a “Cosplay =/= Consent” sign that also brought people specifically to our table, where we had conversations about harassment and groping of cosplayers.


STORM (X-Men)                                                                           SHE-RA

As we drew parallels between street harassment and cosplayer harassment, we handed out even more harasser cards as we explained to people the less aggressive ways to let a harasser know you felt harassed. The harasser cards, modeled off of cards made by someone for the 2011 DefCon, and they were a huge hit. We can’t wait to hear stories about more women telling off their harassers in this silent, less aggressive way!

Comic conventions are about celebrating the things that make us geeks, in a place where we can feel free to embrace our favorite stories and characters freely without judgment. I am so glad that sense of community was extended so warmly to our booth. We left feeling supported and more committed to our goal of achieving a world free from harassment, whether it be based on our genders, the fact that we’re in costume, or that we like things like wearing pointy ears in public as we make the Vulcan Salute to one another.

As we continue our East Coast convention tour, we’d love to see you! Let us know what conventions you’ll be at, and if you want to join the effort to combat both street harassment and cosplayer harassment. Email us at, or comment on this post!

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Bringing down the house at Locust Moon, HollabackPHILLY style!

We had a great time at our Release party at Locust Moon Comics this Saturday! Nearly 100 people were there to help us celebrate the comic’s success, to get their first look at the comic book, and to grab some “thank you” swag and, of course, to get their personalized live autographs from Erin Filson on the cover of her gorgeous first comic!

Tip: If you want some of the swag in these pictures, stop by Wizard Con this weekend and find our table!


Thank you all so much for coming out to help us celebrate! After a couple days off,  we’re packing up and headed to Philadelphia Wizard Con this today (May 30) through Sunday June 2! If you are at the convention, look for our table in Artist’s Alley and our teams talking to Cosplayers and taking “Cosplay =/= Consent” pictures!

launch 1











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Celebrate Geek Pride Day over a glass of wine for National Wine Day! Tonight, 7pm, Locust Moon Comics

The release party for our comic book, Hollaback: Red, Yellow, Blue, couldn’t fall on a more appropriate day! Happy National Wine Day and National Geek Pride Day!!  Help us celebrate BOTH today as we toast our Geekdom, and the wonderful Philly geek scene, over glasses of wine! Join us tonight to celebrate with some wine, snacks, gorgeous art work, a meet and greet with local artist Erin Filson, and an overall awesome time!

Details: Event page

Price: FREE

When: 7pm

Where: West Philly at Locust Moon Comics (34 S 40th Street) (Within blocks of major bus routes and the Market-Frankford Line).

Added Bonus: our SEPTA ads are only running for one more week! Take the subway to the party for your last chance at seeing them!

Embrace the day and geek out at the party in red, yellow, or blue. Capes encouraged but not required! While you’re waiting for the party to start, checkout tidbits about Geeks from the 2012 Geek Pride Day survey!

Click through for larger image.

Actual survey data available here.

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May 25, 7pm: “Hollaback: Red, Yellow, Blue” release party!


When: May 25, 2013, 7pm

Where: Locust Moon Comics, 34 S 40th Street

Why: The comic book has been printed, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Meet us at Locust Moon Comics (34 S 40th Street, right off the Market-Frankford line 40th street exit) for the first reveal of “Hollaback: Red, Yellow, Blue”, before we take it to Philadelphia Wizard Con May 30-June 2.

Artist Erin Filson will be there to sign copies, and the HollabackPHILLY team will be there with her to talk about future programming and next steps. Enjoy a glass of wine and some delicious snacks to help us celebrate!

We’ll also be talking about anti-harassment teams for Wizard Con 2013 here in Philly May 30-June 2, and at San Diego Comic Con 2014. We’d love for you to join us in starting the conversation about safer conventions for everyone who wants to attend, in costume or otherwise. Stop by and talk to us about it, or feel free to email or post on our Facebook page if you’d like more information!

RSVP on the Facebook event page so we are sure to have enough wine!
If you donated to the campaign to help make this comic book a reality, meet us at the event to get your rewards levels (instead of waiting until we ship them at the end of June)! Bonus Perk: get your limited edition prints signed if you were a $100+ donor! Want in on the rewards levels? Head over to to learn more!



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Happy Birthday to our favorite local activist, Nuala Cabral!

Join us in wishing the happiest of birthdays to fierce local activist, Nuala Cabral, working tirelessly alongside other activists to make Philadelphia, and this world, a better and more just place. Nuala is an educator, activist, and film maker who has made some powerful social justice films. One of her films, Walking Home, is a powerful and eloquent response to street harassment, and it is our go-to anti-street harassment film. Watch it below:

Co-Founder of FAAN Mail, Fostering Activism and Alternatives Now) she also focuses much of her work around media literacy. As defined on FAAN Mail’s website

According to the National Association of Media Literacy Education (NAMLE), media literacy is the ability to access, analyze, evaluate and create media. Anyone can do media literacy. It can happen in classrooms and in your every day life. Media literacy is a tool we use to help us navigate a media saturated world. It helps us be more informed consumers who advocate for change.

To that end, Nuala works with high school students at POPPYN as they make films “news report” style, she has appeared on HuffPo live multiple times, and FAAN Mail hosts “talk backs” that help break down the media by which we are surrounded, and demanding accountability from the media creators. The talk backs have mobilized hundreds of people and contributed to corporations responding to the criticisms and withdrawing their support of specific artists and/or offensive songs. She has also used her film, “Who’s that girl?”, which discusses women of color and hip-hop, in her media literacy work around hip-hop music.

She is beyond impressive, and I am so happy to call her my friend. Though she has achieved so much, and has seen so much aggression, she still approaches her activism from such a positive, un-angry place. That approach makes her energy magnetic, and whenever we partner with her for street-activism in Philly, it is no surprise so many people show up to play a part. I personally have grown so much from knowing her, as my activism is often from a place of anger. Seeing her lead by an example that is free from judgment has helped temper my anger quite a bit, which really facilitates engaging men in discussions about gender-based violence, broadening the discussions I’m able to have about our work here at HollabackPHILLY. I could keep talking about how amazing she and her efforts are, but better to let her work speak for itself!

So, check out Nuala’s amazing work, follow FAAN Mail on Facebook and Twitter, and join in the next time you have the opportunity. She is amazing, and you will want to be a part of her work here in Philadelphia!


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Calendar Alerts: Launch party and Philadelphia Wizard Con 2013

It’s finally here! Join us at Locust Moon Comics, Saturday, May 25, 2013 at 7:00pm for the premiere release of our comic book! Register at the Facebook Event Page: “Hollaback: Red, Yellow, Blue” Comic Book Launch Party!

We’ll also be talking about our anti-harassment teams for Philly’s upcoming Wizard Con 2013 (May 30-June 2). If you’d like to join us in spreading the word about harassment of women and women cosplayers at conventions, stop by, or email us at
If you were part of helping us fund the printing of this comic, then meet us at the party to pick up your reward levels if you don’t want to wait until late June for them to be mailed!

Wizard World Convention details:

WW_comesee_us_250X250_PROOFWe’ll have a table in Artist’s Alley, and we will be carrying around 16BitSirens’ “Cosplay =/= consent” signs to take pictures with various people in Cosplay, while talking to them about harassment at conventions.

  • Want to join our anti-harassment team? Email us at, or stop by our table in Artist’s Alley during the convention!




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Video Tour: Philadelphia’s Anti Street Harassment 2013 Chalk Walk

Talented local film student, Kara Lieff, created a video tour of the chalk walk portion of Philadelphia’s Anti Street Harassment 2013 actions. Participants that day included representatives from Poppyn, GALSFAAN MailPhilly Youth Poetry MovementPhiladelphia Futures, and other local Philadelphians invested in ending street harassment. Checkout her other films about street harassment here and here.


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